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the storm drain acted exactly it the way it was supposed to. most of the water was immediately diverted into the storm drains. there were no flooding issues. the bad is it is the there are still people without water this morning. about a dozen homes are without water but right now. there is no timeframe as to how long. you can still see a bunch of gravel and the road and. maybe the next half hour 45 minutes from the mayor and amendable water system will get out here. they'll have heavy equipment to get to this type to get dugout to repair the road. in the meantime there are about 13 homes without water. >> a new this morning no. 3 as saying it plans and carry
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out a new nuclear tests and more long-range locket rocket launches which is part of a new confrontation with the united states. north korea is warning that it will strengthen its military and nuclear defenses in reaction to what it calls u.s. hostility toward p'yongyang. this coming just hours after the u.s. and the secretary council adopted ever let resolution condemning a december 12th no. 3 and rocket launch. washington considers the long-range rocket launched a covert test of missile technology index and suspect p'yongyang is seeking to mount a nuclear warhead on out missile capable of striking the west coast of the united states. the north national defense commission warned of an upcoming all out action that would target united states, " the sworn enemy of
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the korean people ". north korea has made boys to his threats in the past but there is real concern over this long-range missile and the upcoming nuclear tests. >> san jose police are asking for it the public's help finding a man who kidnapped a teenage girl. in this investigators said this man and this gets read the 30 year-old early friday morning and dragged her into a driveway. the on grumman is to fight him off and the suspect ran away. he is described as a hispanic male between 25 and 35 years old. san jose police released a sketch to the public and hope someone might come forward with information. >> meanwhile police are mess a gigabyte found along alameda shore line. authorities say man was
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walking down path at robert w., morial state beach and noticed the body around 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning. alameda fire crews pulled the man's body from the water near west line and short line drives. he is believed be at ease in between 20 and 30 years old and was fully clothed with no signs of body is trauma. police believe that the body and the water for about six hours and the alameda county coroner's office is working to identify the man. champion golfer phil mickelson says he should kept his opinion on taxes themselves. nicholson set off a firestorm of controversy when he said teammate will out to california because of recent hikes in federal and state taxes on the wealthy. when asked about of the farmers insurance opening california he compared his remarks to a bad call he made at the 2006 u.s. open. >> i made a big mistake talking about is the publicly and i should not have done that. my apology
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is from talking about a publicly because i should not take advantage of the form that i have as a professional golfer to try to ignite change over these issues. >> mickelson had said that his tax rate was over 60 percent in that state. according to the tax foundation they said it is closer to 51%. california recently became the state with the highest top marginal tax rate face the voters passed in november a temporary tax hike on wealthy residents. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news defense secretary leon panetta expected to make a big announcement today more on
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historic change coming to the military. we are seeing a lingering wet weather across the bay area this morning of full check of your forecast is 6:15 a.m.. plus a challenge to an york's ban on big shimmery drinks and so does, why the restaurant and recesses on unconstitutional at 6:26 a.m.. antheython'tone e bennernnfor give ave couploubegibeerserd theythl gol o who e the can cl thsavisas,s, anthe thpplipp the tneedne
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to to to bea bifulif don d mo sav sg.g. moremooingoi th's t's pow p of o thhop ght ghw thw sha sr var typ tycabicatt is a s acialciuy auyjustjue ne hured,reinetinnineniollaol.. call (llar sarr)thr)to stop nop mommy! i went potty! that's great, honey.... where? for life's bleachable moments.
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>> welcome back in a big expansannouncement expected from washington today from pentagon chief leon panetta who will announce that he is removing the military's ban on women serving in combat. the move will open up hundreds of thousands of
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front-line positions. but also the possibility of elite commando jobs. it is a ground-breaking move and panetta's decision gives the military until january of 2016 to argue any special exceptions. some jobs could open as soon as this year. >> the house of representatives has approved a bill to suspend the nation's 16.4 trillion dollar debt ceiling through may's 18th. the bill will prevent the u.s. from going into default. senate majority leader harry reid says that it will also pass the bill. president obama is expected to sign on tuesday when it reaches his desk. >> today the board of trustees will meet to discuss ways to save sampras's goes city college. the school is on the brink of shutting down. that is because the accreditation commission found numerous violations with the college structures and finances. census that met yesterday to talk about the issue the members of the community are
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anxious about what could happen next. >> if there is a real need to have to be able to show a perception that we are unified and that we really want to save our college. it is not a good option for us to be absorbed by another district. we need to maintain control of our college and awaited do that is with jewels solidarity. >> and the school which serves about 85,000 students has until march to turn itself around. >> we have a water break in greenbrae and it's going to >> we have a water break in greenbrae and it's going to cause a bit of a problem. for the new mattress models but sleep train's huge year end clearance >> we have a water break in greenbrae and it's going to cause a is ending soon.m. for a short time, save hundreds on tempur-pedic mattresses. get the most highly-recommended bed in america
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>> 6:15 a.m. and a live look at the bay bridge. it is kind of mild in santa rosa right now, 60 by this afternoon. >> we are certainly thankful for the cloud cover because we are enjoying upper '40's low 50s. we have some areas
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of locally dense fog down to just 2 mi. and novato and less than 2 mi. if you are driving around santa rosa. luckily the fog is not only in the north bay this morning but it is also livermore, the delta and 4 mi. of your driving in mountain view. into the afternoon the fog will burn off and we will see a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures in the low 60s but it will feel a little muddy this afternoon. 62 for cupertino, 63 for palo alto. 60 degrees for this bird and antioch, the north bay has a mix of sun and clouds. upper 50s for about a san rafael and 59 in san francisco. satellite and radar shows most of the rain is well to our south. the monterrey region. we're
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picking up some stray showers here and there in the bay area and a chance for settled weather continues into the afternoon. but the clouds and the around keeping temperatures on the warmer side. future cast four shows by 12:00 p.m. may be a spotty showers for the livermore valley. in the south bay you will notice the greening your screen which indicates it is relatively light in major and the chance will start to diminish later on tonight. 7 day around the bay forecast partly cloudy conditions with a slight chance of rain tomorrow. saturday night into sunday we are keeping a close eye on the next system. the next storm will drop out from the gulf of alaska. yesterday's system was tapping into subtropical moisture but it was not to organize. this one has a lot of instability associated with it and not too much moisture. we will not see too much rain but because of the instability this chance
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for showers exists. in to tuesday wednesday we will start to dry things out and experience a little bit of a warming trend. 6:18 a.m. and here is george. >> that erica. we're not tracking any hot spots. the san mateo bridge westbound ride looks good but the volume is building up a little bit. the bay bridge metering lights have been activated and the backup is the starting to form. the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound to and from marin county is still very light traffic and problem free here. interstate 80, the east shore freeway a good commute this morning with a 14 minute drive time from hercules to berkeley. we have an accident reported was down there golden gate fields at the all the off ramp even see a little bit of slowing starting to form. that is a potential hot spot. and the south bay we
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are problems free on 1 01 northbound 1 01 southbound in mountain view at matilda there is an accident. most of the traffic is on the northbound side of the freeway and that is why you see a little slowing their leading north word even though the accident is in the opposite direction. the north bay the ride is a problem free and no delays for 1 01 southbound. it is an easy trip from and through marin county. >> police and investigating to shootings that happen in east oakland. the first inning happened around 715 last night and 9000 block of olive street. one victim was taken to a local hospital be
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treated for gunshot wound is that it was reported after 745 at 9600 block of empire road. the victim in that shooting was grazed by a bullet was not reported not transported to a hospital. police are trying to determine whether the shootings are related and not detain anyone in connection with either shooting. >> the lafayette school district is joining a growing list of schools making security changes. the district will implement a new emergency locked down system. it will allow teachers to lock their doors from inside the classroom instead of going out into the hall. the new locks will go on to all five school districts on all 205 classroom doors. the lots are just one new layer of security. in the security cameras are also non place and about a dozen at each school that work day and night.
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>> san mateo county plans to hold its first gun buyback program of the year. the gun buyback aims to momentarily reward the voluntary surrender of firearms in an attempt at reducing gun violence. the gun buyback program will offer gun owners cast for fire arms, a hundred dollars for handguns, shotguns and rifles and up to $200 cast four assault weapons. the anonymous program will take place from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on saturday at the san mateo county events center fair grounds. >> their rally continues a are on wall street the dow closing at 67 points yesterday and the dow hitting another five-year high. sitting at 13,779 stocks rallied after strong quarterly earnings reports from ibm and google. watch the ball after disappointing quarterly earnings report the most valuable company in
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the world reporting better than expected earnings but disappointing revenue and iphone sales and the clock and the stock is tanking. in overnight trading down almost 10 percent over $40 looks like apple's stock opened almost 240 lower the all-time high of 705 that the stock hit in september. netflix shares are jumping at the the los gatos based company reported a surprise profit. netflix internet video service added 2.1 million u.s. subscribers for a total of 27.2 million during the final three months a year to produce a profit. netflix shares are up almost 40 percent in overnight trading. we'll have more on markets with rob black at 6:45 a.m..
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>> welcome back a and your
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peers and employs to have a judge blocked a ban on large sugar a drinks at a proposal spearheaded by mayor michael bloomberg. evers and restaurant groups call the ban unconstitutional and that burden small businesses. the ban, scheduled to go into effect in march, makes it illegal for new york city's restaurants to sell standard sugary drinks larger than 69 ounces of an effort to combat obesity. although could be in stores like 7- eleven which sells large trees are exempt. the ban as mayor bloomberg latest initiative to try to improve public health. during his tenure he's out of smoking in bars and restaurants, require chain restaurants those calorie counts, and andy is a trans fat in food preparation. >> more than half the senate
6:24 am
is urging quick approval of the keystone x l oil pipeline. this pressure comes just days after president obama m. promise in his inaugural address to respond to the threat of climate change. 53 senators signed a letter yesterday that says the nebraska's governor governor's approval of a revised route through his state was the private completely in the president's hands. the senators said the pipeline should be a keeper president obama as energy policy. >> we have three minutes away from the opening bell on wall street and we will keep at eyes of the numbers on wall street and we will keep [ male announcer ]bers this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option:
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if you currently have abnormal bleeding. xarelto® can cause bleeding, which can be serious, and rarely may lead to death. you are likely to bruise more easily on xarelto®, and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. tell your doctors you are taking xarelto® before any planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. ready to change your routine? ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. for more information including cost support options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit >> welcome back and that is sent out of 11 days of trading at the dow is positive. watching the nasdaq and asdic features are down 38 points. apple is still large component of the
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nasdaq and is driving the index down right now. apple's shares are down $54 right now due to disappointing earnings. we'll talk more on markets with rob black with apple and netflix coming up at 6:45 a.m.. >> everyone is waking up to '40's and 50's. is a warmer start. this is thanks to the cloud cover that trickled in yesterday and associated with that storm. it is acting like a blanket in keeping temperatures of a warmer side. it will not be as warm into the afternoon. temperatures only climbed a little bit into the upper 50s low 60s. we on settled weather not only this afternoon but into tomorrow. of the storm will drop down from the gulf of alaska. scattered showers on tap for saturday and sunday and
6:28 am
these will be really cold. temperatures will start to drop and i will have full details on to expect with that. before we get there let's look of the visibility chart. one-and-a-half miles for santa rosa, 54 oakland. we allowed to talk about and the weather apartment but at 631 let's take a look at traffic with george. >> we are not tracking any hot spots right now. the san mateo bridge volume is building up in me during lights are active. the bay bridge as just a minor back up. a little slowly on the east shore freeway interstate 880 with an accident at albany, still not a hot spot. typical slowing for highway 80 and highway 4 but the south bay is still very light along the peninsula. also problem for in the north bay as well. >> we have a water main break and greenbrae. the
6:29 am
left-hand side and on the right side is what happened this morning. water gushing from the ground and saturating the area and blasting of dirt and gravel from underneath the roadway that the roadway is beginning to buckle. we are looking for at least a few hours more and not a few days more before they can get fully repaired. that is a story that kron4 is a jackie sissel is falling. he has provided the live shot and we will be chatting with him and a low that getting an update on the situation. but, are out and the water service and greenbrae at this point is disrupted. we will have to see what happens next. >> will tran drowns live from san jose of the sketch of a man who tried to kidnap a 13 year-old girl. >> i will study this gets in just a moment but last
6:30 am
friday at 6 than in the morning a 13 year-old girl was walking down the sidewalk in her neighborhood, just off of 880. , a man comes out of nowhere and grabbed her and polls are into a driveway. she kicks and screams and does everything she can to get away. it was so loud that target to the people in the neighborhood that they could all hear it included a family over there. they ran out but by then the man was gone. >> my daughter told me that she heard someone screaming in the morning and they came out but i guess the guy was already gone. >> so they could hear screaming through the house? >> yes, that's how loud it was. >> the you know this girl? have you seen her before? >> yes i did. >> she was by herself as it's a lot of morning? >> yes she does.
6:31 am
>> that can do is allow people even though they see her walking by herself they had never questioned the family. here is the composite sketch of the men you're looking for he is described as 5 ft. 1025 to 30 years old with a light medium build. he has a mustache. the girl was able to get a good look at him for the police car and come up with this gets. at the time she was walking that she could identify it when he was wearing a dark could bhoodie and he headed out on his head. one man said that if he sees this man he is in trouble. >> we're following a developing story of my rena womn
6:32 am
east san jose. this is video was seen from our helicopter partners it with abc seven news. at around 1:00 p.m. on ponselle court near king road yesterday. no word on any arrests. this is san jose's second homicide of the year. >> to teens' entered in el cerrito shooting are recovering in hospital this morning. police continue the search for the suspects. the shooting happened at 2:00 yesterday afternoon between stockton and eureka below the bart tracks. el cerrito police say there is a confrontation between two groups of teenagers. members of one group pulled out and then decide to teens' of the ever before running off. el cerrito high school and fairmont elementary school were locked down for about how or until police determine the suspects are no longer in the area. >> the 49ers are busy practicing as we are just 10
6:33 am
days away from visible. many players still sore from sunday's game was a will be ready, super bowl sunday. we as the players' locker room by was like playing in the so-called highball balhardball >> we are not playing his brother jim, we are playing the ravens. >> collin kaepernick and speak a practice the we'll be speaking with him later on today. the nfl has slapped lanner's running back fight war with the $10,000 fine for ran his socks to loader in nfc championship game against the atlanta falcons. gore said he was so focused on winning a game that he did give his uniform all the attention he should have. he
6:34 am
admitted he was wrong for doing so instead next time you do better. town ready was only fine$10,000 >> after two and present victories in alberta to open the lock out delayed season, a scent of a charge return home tonight to face the phoenix coyotes. is the first nhl game at h-p pavilion and more than nine months. defenseman brad store will be sporting a teal jersey for the first time in seven years. the stars have also signed free agent center scott bill has a one-year deal. is a tough year veteran of the nhl and two-time all-star. tonight's game such as 730 in san jose. >> the time is 6378 am and here is a live look at the
6:35 am
golden gate bridge. it is dry and traffic looks nice and light. we will be back.
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and >> >> a federal appeals court stated that this benz the sex offenders from using and that this is unconstitutional. >> governor jerry bondbrown will deliver the state of the state address this morning at 9:00. this is the third
6:39 am
since becoming governor in again. the governor is expected to promote a tunnel system for water in the central valley and breaking ground this year on what would be the nation's first high-speed rail system. improving california school of finance is also high on his list of priorities. >> we will be right back.
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ends sunday. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> the time is 6:45 a.m.. the top stories we're following at this hour. crews are on the scene of a water main break in green beret. the break happened around to 3:00 pm this morning at the intersection of of the lvilla la cumbre and elisio drive. crews are
6:43 am
worried that the road may buckle. the water has been turned off about a dozen people are without power. >> san jose police are asking for the public's help to find a man who tried to kidnap a 13 year-old girl. investigators say that the man in and this sketch grab the girl early friday morning and dragged her into a driveway. if the girl managed to fight him off, and then ran a way. >> we're also seeing lingering showers across the bay area this morning. we will get the latest on the forecast and a few minutes. >> and joining us now to talk mark this is a financial expert rob black. >> we are not creating jobs,
6:44 am
up whee are not firing people. apple is down to 456. there was a $250 dropped within four months. there revenue was a little light but it seems to be a lot of the motion with them. it is just disappointing. >> there margarine and got hit. he is coming out to be a very honest c. ito.eo. they belong on the ipad. there are capitalizing themselves. who actually need say no book.s a notes a notebook.
6:45 am
>> what is apple going to do with all of the cash? i think that will invest in asia. their margin should get better. what are they going to do with all the cast, do they go out and buy a company's with a web browser. we are talking about no one who is using their phones. it is now at $30 stock. when google was having problems with their desk top. it is always darkest before dawn. >> netflix is up by $44 a
6:46 am
share. they had a very good quarter. they have about 10% of americans onnetflix. they show promise in a big bag keeps apple.should actually seng t \ /hanhank you to apple. >> would check back with rob at 915. >>:15. >> there is a lot filed
6:47 am
cover and you are looking at the james lick freeway. there is a locally dense fog in certain spots. storm tracker 4 is not showing too much. we're still contending with some light rain. you should drive with extra caution for the stretch of 101. as we take a look at the temperatures in this upper 40's for napa up. we are nowhere near the freezing mark. as 50 degrees a richmond at 52 degrees out in oakland. we will not warm-up at much but we will still be on the warmer side. here is your satellite and radar pitcher. this is all the moisture that was affecting as yesterday. >> we have little on
6:48 am
unsettled weather to deal with. the cloud cover will later on as we head into tomorrow. futurecast 4 has a by 12:00 p.m. we will still have showers for the livermore valley. we are only going to see the light rain and though showers are going to not be something that you should concern yourself with. just keep your umbrellas handy just in case. saturday and sunday there will be a another system. you will notice that it will be very cool air and there is a chance of rain as we head into monday as well. >> that was a look at the
6:49 am
weather. now we would check the traffic with george. >> we only have a 12 to 14 minute drive time. if the san mateo bridge is still a light ride at 11 minutes. the golden gate bridge ride at 1 01 southbound is problem free across the span. we are looking next at the traffic maps. the ride on 680 south looks good at westbound highway 24. that accident that was on an albany has already been cleared. the same as for 101 and the northbound direction. thereand easy ride tn county. they have a 25 minute drive time from novato to the golden gate bridge. >> here is a look outside.
6:50 am
we have dry conditions out siberi we will be rights outsidt to remind you to catch on dr. phil this morning after the kron 4 morning news at 10:00 a.m.. [ male announcer ] when moisture is this light,
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>> welcome back the time is at 6:56 a.m.. we are watching bay area weather this morning. here is a live look at san francisco. we will see a high of 59 degrees. >> a new report finds that more college freshmen are seeing higher education as a path to financial security during a tough economic times. researchers at u s c
6:54 am
l a survey of first-year students across the country. nearly 88 percent of them said getting a better job is a very important reason to get a college degree. that is up 17% from 2006, before the recession began. the report also found increasing money pressures on college students. 67 percent of freshmen said that the current u.s. economy significantly affected were that went to college. >> an estimated 20.6 million people tune began to watch president obama is a second inauguration on tv. that is according to nielsen. that is down sharply from his first inauguration in 2009 which had an audience of 37.8 million people. neilson said a totaled 18 networks a
6:55 am
year some part of this year's inaugural ceremony on monday. >> still ahead on kron 4 morning news at 7. we will have an update on efforts to keep san francisco city college open. plus, plans already under way for a parade if the san francisco forty-niners win the big game. and coming up in at gary's world at 7:45 a.m.. kaepernick looks to cash end, a 40 niner fashion fine. the warriors are red hot, more on these stories we talk to gary radnich.
6:56 am
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that is tough when wet. (peggy) grab viva, and break the rules on all your tough messes. >> good morning and thank you for joining us. emergency crews are working to cap a water main break in green beret. we will have a live report from the scene. >> north korea threatens to conduct a nuclear test, and makes breast against the united states. >> as we take a look of cited the golden gate bridge it is a not too cold start for the morning. we did have
6:58 am
some lingering showers and most of them were a and the gilroy area. unsettled weather can certainly continue into afternoon temperatures in the upper 50s. we will see an increase in a cloud cover as we head into later on tonight. temperature is not the big story right now because the temperatures are on the warmer side. knapp was of visibility is at a mile and a half. it is 5 mi. if you're driving around fairfield. we do have some wide spread salt. we will have a mix of sun and clouds. i will have details coming up in a few minutes. >> as we still continue to monitor a hot spot. here at the san mateo bridge traffic is pretty normal at 11
6:59 am
minutes. if the bay bridge is just beginning to the back up to a 14 minute drive time. there are moderate drive times for the east bay freeway. 101 is showing some slowing. the peninsular ride is still doing very well. >> the time now is 7:02 a.m.. a mess and marin county. at waterm water main brk happened around to 3:00 p.m. this morning at villa la cumbre and elisio drive in green and gray. if to get you more news faster we will go to jackie sizzle who joins us live from the scene. >> let's take a look at a video from earlier this morning this was taken at

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